Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kuretake Advent Calendar - Door 21: Nasreen's Metallic Christmas Card

Today Kuretake staff member Nasreen has a Christmas card tutorial for you!  Nas started working for Kuretake in sales, and moved over to our Marketing team in April. Nas's sister, Alyea also works with us! She did the Fabricolor Babygro tutorial on Door 14.

A few festive questions...

What do you love most about Christmas?
The holidays and spending time with family and if we’re lucky the snow!

What's your favourite Kuretake product for Christmas crafting?
The Wink of Stella glitter pen, I love the gorgeous fine glitter and how you can add a bit of sparkle to any project without the mess of glitter

What are you looking forward to most in 2012?
Going to New York for my friend’s 30th

Metallic Christmas Card
by Nasreen Akhter

ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen
ZIG Painty FX medium silver
Kuretake crafting scissors rockies
Kuretake gem accent stickers blue
Kuretake photo tape 60
Kurepunch small ice crystal 
Kurepunch medium snow crystal 
Kuretake satin ribbon blue
Kuretake scrapbooking file 6x6”
Blue card (1 x 4x4” and 1 x 4.5x4.5”)

In pencil, draw a triangle on the 4.5x4.5” blue card, making sure you leave a centimetre border around the edge.

Using the ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen, fill the triangle with flourishes and flowers to create a Christmas tree, please click here for a practice sheet on how to draw the flowers.

 3 Using the Kuretake Crafting Scissors Rockies, trim the edges. Add Kuretake Gem Accent Stickers on the centre of the flowers.

Trim 3 edges of the Kuretake Scrapbooking File 6x6”. Use the Kurepunch Medium Snow Crystal and Kurepunch Small Ice Crystal to punch out stencils.

Use the Painty FX Medium silver to stencil the Scrapbooking File.

 6 Add Kuretake Gem Accent Stickers to the centre of the snowflakes. Tie a bow with Kuretake Satin Ribbon blue and stick it down on the side of the Scrapbooking File with Kuretake Photo Tape 60. Stick the Christmas tree on the centre of the Scrapbooking File.


 7 Write your seasonal greetings on the 4”x4” blue card with the ZIG Calligraphy metallic silver pen, you can get some ideas from the lettering practice sheet. Stick the card down on the inside centre of the Scrapbooking File.

Thanks, Nas!