Friday, 4 May 2012

ZIG Cartoonist - Essential Tools for Drawing Manga: Sumi Ink and Accessories

This week we've been introducing the products from our new ZIG Cartoonist range. The final range we have to show you is the most authentically Japanese yet! Introducing our range of Japanese Sumi Inks, Brushes and Accessories - essential tools for drawing Manga.

Japanese Sumi Ink

Sumi Ink is an intense, smooth flowing, quick drying black ink – perfect for brush painting Manga and Comic artwork.

Kuretake started making Sumi Ink in Japan over 100 years ago, where it is still made today using traditional methods.

Japanese Brush pens

We also have a new Brush Pen, the No. 22, with refill cartridges that can be purchased separately.

Japanese Menso Brushes

Our Menso brushes are perfect for adding detail and outlining.

Japanese Pen Nibs and Holder

Dipping pens are used by most Manga artists in Japan.  Our new range of nibs allow for a variety of line thickness to be drawn.


4 different nibs available:
  • G-Pen
  • Saji- Pen
  • School-Pen
  • Maru-Pen

 ZIG Cartoonist White Ink

Our full range of ZIG Cartoonist is now in stock at the Kuretake Shop!

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