Friday, 18 January 2013

Japanese origami bookmark.

Hi there, it's Jaine here bringing you some Japanese inspiration.

Just before Christmas I was able to send a Japanese inspired mini album to Kuretake as part of their display at the Frankfurt fair. Whilst making the book I became very interested in the art of origami and in particular I came across a brilliant tutorial on a blog called Kimono Reincarnate showing how to make paper japanese dolls. I made a couple of them to include in the book but since then have gone totally crazy turning them out constantly (I even turned one into a Santa at Christmas).  So here, using some gorgeous Kuretake papers I'll attempt to recreate one of these figures.

You'll need for the kimono a piece of paper 5 and a half by 12 and a half cm.
The obi and collar a piece 1 and a half by 10 cm or longer
A strip for the waist band narrower than the obi.
A card circle and a strip of card about half a cm wide. 

Fold the collar/obi paper in half lengthways and cut off about 5cm. Wrap this around the body as shown in picture 2.  It's important that you fold right over left then secure with a piece of sticky tape.
Take the kimono strip and fold down a cm, turn it over and fold half a cm down.
Place the body and collar on top of the kimono piece with the collar peeking out slightly (picture 5).
From the left fold down the top corner but don't crease it just yet.  Fold the side over in a straight line and crease that from the bottom to the top and when you reach the collar gently crease it down as in picture 7.
Do the same for the other side.

Wrap the obi around just under the shoulder creases and wrap the second waist band piece around too. I secured mine with a small piece of double sided tape.

Add a circle of card for the head (mine is 2cm) and cut a rectangle of black felt just slightly wider than the head. Secure this half way down the face and on the back of the head. You can also secure it to the back of the body if you wish. I added some beads to one of mine too.

The Kuretake paper range is just gorgeous, I love it.

Jaine x