Wednesday, 30 November 2016

December Word Challenge!!

Festive Fun!

 This year we have decided to do a word challenge on Social media to get into the festive spirit for the holidays (we will be doing this too)!


1. Write the word that prompts that day (e.g Mistletoe on 11th December) you can draw but the word needs to be included.

2. Post it on Instrgram, twitter or Facebook

3. Hashtag it with #kuretakefestivefun 

4. Share our social media and spread the word!

Tip! Be creative and consistent

The Grand Prize!

Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering:

1. UK and Europe entrants only (you can still do it, you just won't be able to win the prize :/)
2. The prize is a set of 9 Wink of Luna pens (premade set of one of each colour available)
3. Competition is from 1st December - 21st December

Best of Luck! and have fun!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

DIY Christmas card using Clean Color Real Brush

Get creative this Christmas with our Clean Color Real Brush pens!
You will need:
  • a card
  • a seasonal stamp and ink
  • Clean Color Real Brush Pens (marine green, pale green, wine red and red)
  • Embossing pen (Scroll and Brush)
  • 2-way glue (or any glue of your choice)
  • Gold embossing powder (and a heat gun for this stage)
For added effect you can also use our Wink of Stella pen (in clear).
Apply the seasonal stamp on the card so it is ready to colour.

To begin colouring you can use two ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pens (we used Marine green and Pale Green) and gently place nib-to-nib for a few seconds.
As you use the brush you will see the colours blend nicely. After using the blended pen, make sure to clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel.
For the berries you can use a different technique by adding the darkest colour (we used Wine Red) first then blending with a lighter colour (we suggest Red).
Additionally, take a ceramic or plastic dish and brush a colour straight on to the dish. Taking another colour (preferably a lighter one) dip into the colour on the dish and apply to the stamp.
You can also use our Wink of Stella (we used clear) to add a little sparkle to the berries.
On a separate piece of card you can make a simple border using our embossing pen then add gold embossing powder and heat.
Additionally, with the brush side of the embossing pen you can add lettering to personalise your card, then add powder and heat.
Once the designs are done we then mounted the cards. Here we have used the 2- way glue which will appear blue when wet and gives a permanent bond.
And there you have it!
A simple yet effective way to create your own Christmas cards for someone special this year.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

ZIG Posterman Waterpoof Ink

Get messy with ZIG Posterman Waterproof Ink and decorate your sketchbooks. 

Added different colours of ZIG Posterman ink into small spray bottles

Cover your sketchbook by spraying different colours of ZIG Posterman Ink. Remember to place some scrap paper or newspaper underneath.

Add your own touch! Write a quote or create an artwork which best represents you.

Monday, 6 June 2016

'HAPPY' by Jo Nevill

Hi, it’s Jo here and I’m showing you a the gorgeous Wink of Luna pens.

Products used :

To make this card, start off making a card base from dark grey card.  This card base measures 4.25” x 5.5”. 

Cut a piece of patterned paper 4.25” x 3.5”, die cut a couple of decorative panels and a strip of glittery tape and adhere to the card base.

Die cut two butterflies.

Colour the butterflies with the Wink of Luna pens.

Glue the butterflies to the card using the Zig 2 Way Glue Pen.  Add some silver sequins to the card using the Zig 2 Way Glue Pen.

Here is my completed card !

Thank’s for popping by !

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Stunning Gansai Tambi Starry Colors Tag

Hi, today it’s my turn again to show you how I made my creation step by step. And I’m having some fun using the Gansai Tambi watercolors and the Gansai Tambi Starry Colors.

I started by cutting a piece of watercolor in the shape of a tag. I also cutted out a circle that I used to trace around, each time drawing 3 circles slightly overlapping. I used the Zig Millenium marker as this one is waterproof when dry.

Then I took out the nr 54 olive green and nr 47 dark brown Gansai Tambi and colored my tag. First a light layer, afterwards I colored in the circles a bit darker. I also had some splotches of color on my tag.

I then took the Gansai Tambi Starry colors nr. 901 Blue gold and nr.903 Yellow gold. I used the nr. 903 Yellow gold to create a big drip, the nr. 901 Blue gold to make a little shade where my focal image will be glued down.

I then used the same two golden Starry colors to color in my focal image: a butterfly that was embossed on black paper using a clear embossingpowder.

To finish off my background I stamped little pieces of a stamp. I used the Zig Art and Graphic marker as this made it easy to just ink up the pieces of my stamp that I wanted to use.

When my stamping was done it was just a matter of gluing everything together and add a sentiment.

Thanks for watching, I hope you give it a try.

Used materials
Watercolor paper
Plain black paper


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Scrapbooking with fabricolors pens

Hello fellow readers!

Here I will show you my project using my collection of ZIG Fabricolors; I was in the mood to do some scrapbooking, so I grabbed a couple of craft tags and my pens and just let my imagination run free.

 Products used :

I started doodling on the fabric, with different colours.

Even if I don't use the violet and gold flowers, I will save this for a projects in my art book. They are too pretty to waste them. Mixing colors with the gold and silver tones look amazing.

I painted some red, and then let it dry for a while before painting silver dots; then a teapot appeared. 

I drew the little mushrooms using the brush tip of the black pen. I coloured the background in yellow, and added some details in golden.  I also added some stitch work around the artwork to add some interesting effects to the tag.

I glued the little pieces of fabric together adding some nice embellishments.

It was a quick and easy process, just doodling following my instincts, and putting everything together. Different for me as I'm not used to working with fabrics. 

Hope you have all enjoyed and gathered new ideas for your art crafting :D
Take care!

Friday, 13 May 2016

How to do brush lettering

Hi Everyone,

Can you hear wedding bells?

Make a stunning statement and learn how to master the art of brush lettering to personalise your own wedding card and much more!  

To help guide you, print the brush lettering guide below to follow the lines or a normal A4 lined paper. 

(click on the picture below and save it to be able to print it)

Your guide should be composed of ascender line, waistline, baseline and descender line.

Step 1: To start, you can train doing thick and thin lines as below, for a more natural hand controlled and pressure.

Step Two: Then you can move on to the letters. Before using your pen onto your piece, you want to lift up the pencil lines so that they can act as a light guide for you, but you will not require heavy force once the ink is in place.
This is only an example of letters that can be made, there is a variety of different layouts/styles! You can feel free to use your own style or handwriting!

Step Three: Take a deep breath and do your lettering with your pen ink using your very light pencil lines as a guide.
You can use a Brush Writter, a flexible fibre tip brush ZIG Fudebyiori, ZIG Wink of Stella / Wink of Luna, ZIG H2O Waterbrush with Gansai Tambi or also ZIG Calligraphy Pens… There are many alternative to do brush lettering.

Write quickly, without thinking about it too much. The point of modern brush lettering like this is spontaneity!

Step Four: Once you are finished writing, allow your ink to dry, then erase your guidelines.

You can now impress your guests with your home made wedding cards!