About Us

Kuretake: Working with Quality

Kuretake UK ltd  is the home to ZIG®'s vast range of pens, markers and writing tools, manufactured by our Head Office in Japan.
We are passionate about arts & crafts and have a dedicated internal team  and an external Design Team who focus on new and exciting projects and uses for our products.

Whether you're a wood crafter, a card maker or a cartoonist (to name a few)  we have the quality products to enable you to achieve impressive. professional results.
ZIG® offers an artist solution for all types of media, including Sign (ZIG® posterman), Fine Art, Graphic Design and Craft and the recent launch of ZIG® Cartoonist taking the Manga and Cartoonist community by storm.

Kuretake have dedicated an entire range of inspiring and effective markers under the ZIG® Memory System® brand that are of archival quality helping you to preserve your treasured memories and valuable archive material.

Kuretake History

Founded in Nara, Japan in 1902 (our Head Office is still there), and established in the UK since 1986, Kuretake has built its reputation on the manufacture of good quality products and exceptional customer service. 

How do you pronounce Kuretake?

Here in the UK Kuretake is pronounced "Kure-a-tack-ee" 

However the Japanese pronunciation is "Koo-reh-tah-keh"

If you would like to know more please visit our website www.kuretake.co.uk or take a look at our shop site http://www.kuretakeshop.co.uk/index.php/